panel pod

Panel Pod

Introducing the unique and patented Panel Pod which uses an innovative patented 'twist-lock' attachment method allowing it to quickly and easily convert any Ansell Infinite or Endurance LED panel to emergency or microwave sensor immediately.

There are two options available:- Panel Pod emergency and Panel Pod Sensor


The Panel Pod Emergency has a tri-coloured chip providing 8% output under emergency conditions.

It has a 3 hour emergency duration minimum (tested in excess of 5 hours) and is Self Test

Panel Pod Sensor features 360° degree motion detection with a detection angle of 120°  

Moving aspects are detected turning the panel on when required and back off when nobody is present.


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panel pod
panel pod

Simple, quick 'twist lock fitting'

This simple method of attachment provides a highly cost effective solution and stress free installation.

We believe it's that easy you can install in 1 minute. 

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